KRAKED and Associated Industries

IamMUSIC is a bold new creativity tool designed for users of any skill level to create music and build delightfully immersive experiences in ways only possible in VR.

IamMUSIC takes its cues from creativity tools such as Tilt Brush, harnessing the power of spatial computing to make the creation of complex works of art more intuitive and fun.

With IamMUSIC players feel like they embody sound and become a living instrument. They can casually jam together with friends or take advantage of the most advanced VR-native sequencer available. Rather than trying to recreate real-world instruments, IamMUSIC uses 3D space and 6DoF control to allow players to manipulate shapes in order to create and control sound psychically. The team’s innovative human scale sequencer enables players to go beyond stereo and accurately sequence and playback their work spatially.

Content will be created in beautiful, awe-inspiring environments where users will have the tools to create fully immersive, animated artworks to accompany their sonic creations. These audio-visual pieces can be shared, remixed and modded by the IamMUSIC community.

Walkthrough video – 2020

Intended audience

IamMUSIC will be easy to play and hard to master, it is designed for anyone with an interest in being creative, allowing users to enjoy themselves at their own pace and skill level.

Creator communities are some of the most prolific on the internet, and it is their ethos of creative play, communal learning and shared content that is at the heart of IamMUSIC. Casual users can get started quickly using presets to make something fun and engaging.

More adventurous users can spend hours crafting their perfect song and immersive music video

Creator’s statement

IamMUSIC was brought about, in part, as a reaction to the VR music creation tools currently on the market. So many apps simply ape what has been created before, skeuomorphic recreations of real-world instruments, relying on the need to hit or strum objects. With no force feedback, this feels unintuitive and without solid sequencing tools it is hard to make anything to be proud of. Many music apps aren’t fun because they are so complicated that only technical musicians could ever understand how they work.

We haven’t forgotten the fun – I want my nine-year-old to enjoy making as much as the creators accurately building their perfect, ultra-detailed audio-visual experiences.

Technical summary

IamMUSIC is developed using Unity and designed to work performantly on standalone HMD, whilst maintaining high standards of visual polish that will translate well to PC and console VR platforms. Porting from lower-powered devices will reduce time and cost in making this a cross-platform product.

Project team details

  • Michael Salmon – Producer
  • Josh Resnick – Lead Developer
  • Abraham Aguero Benzecri – Creative Director
  • Matias Monteagudo – Lead Audio Technician

Team profile

KRAKED & Kluge bring a wealth of experience to this project, whether that’s building synthesisers and making music from code, creating high-quality XR for Hollywood studios, building Unity SDKS, shipping Synth Riders, a best selling/ multi-platform VR rhythm-game or running record labels, club nights and warehouse parties.

Past work

  • 2020 – YUR Fit
  • 2020 – Darkfield Radio
  • 2019 – Darkfield Invisible
  • 2019 – SyFy Presents: Eleven Eleven VR
  • 2019 – SyFy Presents: Eleven Eleven AR
  • 2018 – Adventure Science Center VR
  • 2018 – Synth Riders
  • 2018 – Gadget Table (Pilot)
  • 2017 – Shaolin Wheel Of Life 360
  • 2017 – Magnatron
  • 2017 – MaxVR
  • 2016 – Made in Chelsea 360
  • 2016 – Atmosferas
  • 2016 – Silicon Beach Virtual Boardwalk
  • 2016 – Project Alice
  • 2015 – SyFy Presents: Halcyon
  • 2015 – Ex-Machina ‘Meet Ava’