What is CreativeXR?

A 12-week acceleration programme for the arts and culture industries developed by Digital Catapult and Arts Council England

About the acceleration programme

The UK has a unique creative industry with strengths in arts, culture, entertainment and technology, sparking trends and influencing practice around the world. CreativeXR unlocks the opportunity for this industry to experiment with creating immersive content that will inspire future audiences.

Digital Catapult and Arts Council England launched CreativeXR in September 2017, driven by the common mission of enabling new formats of content innovation and future-proofing the UK creative industries market.

The programme is designed to allow creative teams to quickly experiment, iterate and bring immersive project ideas to reality. Up to 20 teams will be selected to receive £20,000 in prototype funding, alongside bespoke mentorship, workshops and introductions to the top financiers and commissioners in the global creative and immersive market at the annual Showcase and Market event. Teams are given tools such as prototype funding, workshops, peer-to-peer learning and access to facilities. Each year as a final phase of the programme, project teams also compete for further production funding with the aim of becoming market-ready and pushing the boundaries of what immersive technologies can offer.

CreativeXR exists not only to help UK talent develop new immersive experiences, but importantly to encourage the development of new business models, production methods and distribution techniques to allow these experiences to reach audiences.


Focused on the creative industries, CreativeXR works with the UK best creative teams to help develop concepts and prototypes of immersive content by offering access to:

Prototype funding

Up to £20k to develop an immersive proof-of-concept prototype

Business expertise

Support network of industry experts, high calibre peers and commissioning bodies

State-of-the-art facilities

Free use of Digital Catapult Immersive Labs in Belfast, Brighton, London, MediaCityUK and North East Tees Valley


Focused workshops to help develop the prototype concept and improve pitching skills

Mentorship from Epic Games

Technical support from Epic Games on building prototypes in Unreal Engine

Mentorship from StoryFutures Academy

Narrative storytelling expertise from StoryFutures Academy

Technical monitoring

Bespoke mentoring from Digital Catapult artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G technologists to increase confidence in the prototype build

Showcase and Market event

Opportunity to participate, pitch and host demos and meetings with commissioners at the event

Development funding

Chance to secure further funding to finalise prototype development

Enabling creative teams to experiment with immersive content

CreativeXR enables teams from the creative and technology sector to prototype ground-breaking creative ideas using immersive technologies

Pushing technologies boundaries

CreativeXR helps cohort teams increase their confidence in undertaking boundary-pushing R&D by engaging with leading technical and industry experts


CreativeXR impact

Some cohort teams were nominated for or received awards for the immersive experiences they built during the CreativeXR programme. These ranged from awards at internationally recognised festivals to acknowledgment of their work as being part of the UK’s top companies for creating immersive storylines.

Tribeca Film Festival

Tribeca Film Festival

Three projects premiered at Tribeca Film Festival in the US

Sandbox immersive festival

Sandbox Immersive Festival

Two projects have been awarded at Sandbox Immersive Festival in China

Venice Biennale VR

Venice Biennale VR

One project showcased at Venice Biennale VR Section in Italy

RAF Museum

RAF Museum

One project currently exhibiting at the RAF Museum in London

Orion IFF

Orion Festival

One project nominated for Best VR Experience at Orion Festival in Australia

DANI Awards

One project awarded for Best use of Immersive Tech at DANI Awards 2019

Royal TV Society

Royal Television Society

One project awarded for Best Interactive at Royal TV Society Award 2019

Festival du Nouveau Cinema

Festival du Nouveau Cinema

One project won the Grand Prix Innovation 2019 at the Festival du Nouveau Cinema in Montreal

VR Awards

VR Awards

One project was the 2019 finalist for the Social Impact Award at VR awards

Programme timeline

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