CreativeXR Market – Frequently Asked Questions

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About the CreativeXR Showcase and Market

What is CreativeXR?

CreativeXR gives creative talent the opportunity to experiment with immersive technologies to create new experiences that inspire audiences.

Focused on the creative industries, particularly the arts and culture sector; CreativeXR enables the best creative teams to develop concepts and prototypes of immersive content (including VR, AR and MR). The programme offers access to early stage finance, facilities, industry leaders and commissioning bodies, and the opportunity to pitch for further development funding. Now in its second year, CreativeXR is run as a partnership between Digital Catapult and Arts Council England.

What is the Showcase and Market event?

The Showcase and Market event will be hosted at the end of the 12 week programme, and is a chance for the CreativeXR cohort to show their prototype to a host of programme partners, including potential commissioners, funders, exhibitors and distributors of immersive content.

This year we are extending the CreativeXR Market event to a second day, giving UK based creative talent outside of the programme an exciting opportunity to pitch their projects on a unique stage.

What stage projects do you accept?

Applicants are allowed to pitch for any stage of investment funding, from development to production. However, please note that projects need to have fully fledged ideas in order to be eligible for the market.

How will one-to-one meetings be scheduled?

One-to-one meetings will be scheduled according to the preferences indicated by both the pitching party and the audience. The details of both parties will be sent in advance of the pitch day with the ask that preferences are indicated. The preferences will be taken into account when meetings are scheduled.

Who is the Showcase and Market run and developed by?

The programme has been developed by Digital Catapult and Arts Council England. Now in its second year, CreativeXR is run as a partnership between Digital Catapult and Arts Council England.

What am I expected to deliver at the CreativeXR Market?

Successful applicants will be expected to supply the following material in advance of the CreativeXR Market

  • A complete set of supporting pitch material, in written and verbal presentation (see below in next section for more details)
  • Participation in the preparation session (date TBC) and CreativeXR Market itself)
  • Case study and contribution to research – Digital Catapult and Arts Council England may carry out research related to this project. Teams will be expected to contribute by providing appropriate feedback as required
How do I apply for a place at the CreativeXR Market?

Applications for CreativeXR Market are  now live, please apply here

Can I apply again even if I’ve already been on the CreativeXR programme?

If you have applied to CreativeXR before or have previously been accepted onto the programme, you are eligible to apply to the CreativeXR Market. Re-submissions of applications previously not accepted on to the programme are also eligible for the Showcase and Market.

What if I already work/have worked/am contracted for/by Arts Council England or Digital Catapult, am I still eligible to apply to the programme?

Yes employees/ contractors from Arts Council England and/ or Digital Catapult are eligible to apply for Creative XR Market providing they clearly state on their application their relationship and involvement with Arts Council England and Digital Catapult to ensure that Arts Council England and Digital Catapult run a fair and transparent selection process.

Are expenses covered for travel to the Showcase and Market?

Unfortunately we are unable to cover travel to the Showcase and Market event .

What are the key dates for the Showcase and Market?
  • Open Call: 06 August 2019
  • Open call deadline: 05 September 2019
  • Applicants notified: 16 September 2019
  • Preparation Session: (TBC late September)
  • CreativeXR Market: 10 October 2019
What will happen during the first day of the Showcase and Market?

The Showcase and Market is a two day event, running from October 09 to 10 October 2019. On 09 October, the CreativeXR teams will be pitching, showcasing and having one-to-one meetings. On 10 October the selected teams from the CreativeXR Market open call will be pitching.

What funding opportunities are available?

At the CreativeXR Market event there is an opportunity to pitch to commissioners and form further collaborations with third parties. However, there is no guarantee of success.

Am I guaranteed to receive funding?

Digital Catapult and Arts Council England cannot guarantee you will receive funding as a part of pitching at this event. However, this is a great opportunity to expand your global network.

About the proposed immersive idea experience

What is immersive technology?

Immersive technologies that we are referring to, include:

  • Virtual reality (VR)
  • Augmented reality (AR)
  • Mixed reality (MR)
  • Immersive audio technology

A good definition of these can be found here.

This may involve delivery of experiences via Head Mounted Displays (HMDs), and also includes mobile AR experiences that don’t require an HMD. Delivery via other immersive displays such as projection walls or domes may also be considered, however you will be expected to have access to this equipment and explain how this could be delivered practically for users.

Immersive audio technology includes the use of spatial sound (e.g. binaural or ambisonic rendering) or other augmented audio techniques. Audio-only projects are eligible (please see FAQ on audio-only projects).

What do you classify as ‘an immersive experience for the arts and culture sector’?

This CreativeXR Market will showcase creative, consumer-facing experiences enabled by immersive technologies, which may include:

  • Artistic pieces
  • Cultural experiences (including those inspired by museum, gallery, library or heritage experiences)
  • New forms of storytelling (fiction or non-fiction)
  • New forms of interactive entertainment

Content must be delivered* using:

  • Virtual reality (including 360 video) technology
  • Augmented/Mixed reality technology
  • Immersive audio technology

*Experiences may be extended with haptic or other sensory systems

Content may be intended for different distribution methods:

  • In-home (i.e. content is distributed online, to users’ own devices, and is expected to be consumed in a home setting)
  • On-the-go (i.e. content is distributed online, to users’ own mobile devices, and may be consumed in any location)
  • Location-based (i.e. content is part of a fixed installation or exhibit in a specified location, with no device ownership required by users)

Whatever the distribution method, applicants will be expected to explain who the intended audience is, why it will appeal to them, and how they would access it.

Will physical installations and live performances be considered?

Yes, but the content must have an ‘immersive-first’ (VR/AR/MR) focus, and have an enabling immersive technology as a key component of its delivery.

Content may be purely digital or, in the case of location-based projects, it may incorporate an element of live performance if desired.

Can I pitch a gaming experience?

Yes, games content is eligible. As with all applications, please bear in mind the intention is to showcase new formats that are specifically built for the immersive medium and for the arts and cultural space. For example, content that could be considered an incremental step beyond something that already exists, such as a VR version of an existing game is unlikely to be accepted.

Are audio-only projects eligible?

Yes, immersive audio is a key part of any immersive experience, and all projects are encouraged to give thought to the technologies that can enable both visual and auditory immersion.

We welcome applications that make use of innovative, immersive audio technology such as spatial sound (e.g. binaural or ambisonic rendering) or augmented audio techniques. This could either be as a combined audio-visual VR, AR or MR experience, or as an audio-only project.

Do you accept proposals that already have funding?

Yes, we will consider proposals that have already been funded to create a prototype that is at a mature state.

Can I enter more than one project?

Each project must be represented by a unique lead applicant.

A company or individual can be named as a collaborator on more than one application, but may only be a lead applicant once.

A business is welcome to participate in several applications, as long as they are confident the projects could be demonstrated should they all be successful.

What is expected for the prototype?

This working prototype should provide an immersive example at a mature, scalable and marketable stage of development. It should therefore provide an audiovisual and interactive visual, audio or haptic experience experience to be demonstrated at the CreativeXR Market.

What is expected for the supporting material?

A complete set of pitch material, in written and verbal presentation form, in preparation for the CreativeXR Market event, to include:

  • The Creative prototype material e.g. completed treatment or script, concept art, storyboard
  • Technical specification e.g. description of technology involved and technical approach for production and distribution
  • Distribution model i.e. via online or location-based (installation) distribution
  • Audience considerations (who your project appeals to and why)
  • Business plan (including cost breakdown for full production, business model and partnerships plan)
How are companies selected for CreativeXR Market?

Each application will be initially reviewed by a minimum of two judges comprised of members from Digital Catapult, Arts Council England and industry experts, specifically chosen for their technical, business or creative expertise. Through standardised judging criteria (see below), the applications will be scored and shortlisted, and the final selection will then be made by a panel of the same judges.

The judging criteria are:

    • Strength of the idea (The idea is adventurous, innovative and creatively original) 
    • Appropriate team experience (The team is well prepared and equipped to deliver the proposed pitch, with appropriate creative and immersive experience and skills)
    • Strength of the pitch deck  (The proposed presentation deck submitted with the application should be designed for a 5 minute pitch with an appropriate balance of all elements required – see FAQs)
    • Viability of business plan (the proposed business plan appears to be viable, with elements of income and expenditure appropriately considered and accounted for, both before and after completion of the project)
    • Cultural / artistic value (The full experience will inspire and positively impact the UK’s arts and culture community, pushing forward the state of the art in creative immersive content experiences)
    • Design for a chosen target audience (The proposal shows a good understanding of a clearly identified target audience, and how to reach them via an appropriate distribution method)
    • Likely to benefit from the CreativeXR Market (The CreativeXR Market is likely to provide opportunities and resources that the team may not otherwise have access to, and provide the opportunity to try something new)


The final selection decision will also take into account the variety of projects and teams to ensure a balanced portfolio of pitches. Digital Catapult’s decision is taken on the information submitted, any additional information gleaned from desktop research, and its (and its relevant assessing partners’) knowledge.  Digital Catapult’s decision is final.

How many people from the team will be able to attend the market?

Due to limited capacity, only 2 people per team will be able to attend the market. 

About my business

Does the business need to be registered to enter?

No, you do not need to be registered with Companies House as a limited business.

We will consider applications that hold any legal form of business (e.g. ltd company, sole trader, consortium).

Do I need to be a UK based company/organisation?

Collaborations may include international contributors, but to be considered for the CreativeXR Market (i) the project must have an establishment in the UK, and (ii) the majority of work should be carried out in the UK and projects need to be able to commit to attending the preparation session and CreativeXR Market on the 10th October

I'm concerned about my intellectual property. Should I be?

This CreativeXR Market does not seek to own any of your IP. Between any collaborative partners you are expected to make appropriate IP agreements that you are comfortable with.

Your application will be screened privately by Digital Catapult and the judging panel. Your ideas will be shared in confidence and we will respect that and ask judges to do so too.

We will not remove from applications any proprietary labels or copyright assertions. Unsuccessful applications will be deleted from our systems at the conclusion of the CreativeXR Market. However, because your application will be transmitted over the internet we cannot guarantee its security.

For practical reasons, please don’t ask us or our partners to sign an NDA. We can only achieve these kinds of activities if we have the trust of the tech community so it is not in our interest to release or take a share in any of your IP.

Who will my application data be shared with?

The application data will be shared with Digital Catapult and Arts Council England staff as well a panel of external judges chosen for their industry expertise. It will only be used for the purposes of the CreativeXR Market and its evaluation. One year following the end of the CreativeXR Market Programme your application shall be deleted by us from our systems, unless your application is successful in which case it shall be retained for up to ten years to comply with our legal obligations.  Personal Data may be removed from such documents after five years, at the conclusion of any Impact Assessment.

However, within your application any information highlighted outside of the ‘Material Upload’ section may used during the delivery the day (for instance, and not limited to, in the event brochure) and will be treated as public domain information. If you choose to share confidential information during the CreativeXR Market day (for instance, and not limited to, during the 5-minute pitch, or 1-1s) Digital Catapult holds no liability for the continued confidentiality of this data.

Can University teams apply?

Members of a university are welcome to apply but they must ensure they have personal rights over the IP they are submitting. Therefore we suggest you form a new entity (with a business account). Remember, we will be judging the entry based on your skill and ability to build what you have proposed to showcase.