Visualise and Royal Opera House

Munkination is an evolving immersive hip hopopera experience that places audiences at the centre of a futuristic adventure story about climate change.

Climate change is the predominant challenge facing society today. Through an epic trap/opera soundscape and distinctive graphic visuals, Munkination shows the effects of climate change and the future if humanity does not take action now.

The app developed through CreativeXR gives a taster of the Munkination world. It allows users to step into the graphic environment and immerses them in the hip hop-opera sound; it introduces four essential characters from the Khoisan tribe, a tribe from Southern Africa, who deliver a powerful call to action around climate change.

At the end of the experience, users can choose the character they identify with and share with their friends on social channels.

Munkination will be the world’s-first live augmented reality hip-hop-opera, harnessing the power of 5G to create a simultaneous experience for audiences in venues and at homes across the UK.

Walkthrough video – 2020

Intended audience

Munkination is aimed at digitally native experience-seekers aged 16-30 years old who will be attracted by the use of immersive storytelling, mobile AR technology, a distinctive graphic world and a radical crossover sound as a way to inspire new thoughts and action on climate change.

Creator’s statement

(HAM) I created this experience because I want to engage my community. There aren’t many stories by and for people like me, and I want to tell a story that puts us at the forefront; our heritage, our perspective, and that history of living in equilibrium with nature, because we don’t have much time left, and we all need to be involved.

Technical summary

The AR app is built with Unity, using AR Foundation, which leverages both AR Kit and AR Core. Tilt Brush was used to translate the original concept illustrations for Munkination into a 360 environment. The team uses Blue Ripple sound for the exact placement of audio within the experience.

Project team details

  • HAM – Lead Artist, Illustrator and Music Producer
  • Simone Ibbett-Brown – Voiceover Writer
  • Kayleigh Eliza – VR Artist
  • Henrik Opperman – 3D Sound Designer
  • Gweneth-Ann Rand – Soprano
  • Ross Ramgobin – Baritone
  • Eva Liparova – Producer
  • Henry Stuart – Technical Lead, Co-founder and XR Supervisor, Visualise
  • Annette Mees – Artistic Director and Head of Audience Labs
  • Sam King – Senior Producer, Audience Labs

Team profile

Visualise is an award-winning immersive studio working with VR, AR, 360 video, and live 360 streaming.

Audience Labs is an innovation programme at the Royal Opera House, bringing together pioneering artists and next generation technology to create boundary-breaking contemporary opera and ballet experiences.

Past work

  • EE5G Network Launch, with AR and VR content, with Saatchi & Saatchi
  • AR installation at Selfridges
  • VR film for The Red Cross
  • VR concept store for Sky
  • a recent R&D with the Royal Opera House on an Unreal-based prototype for a mixed-reality ballet