Satore Studio and Borough Productions

A virtual docu-opera exploring Donald Trump’s relationship with Twitter.

“Hatched” is an immersive experience tracing Donald Trump’s intense relationship with his digital surrogate. Covering the moment when the reality TV star first learnt to tweet by himself, it starts as a behind-the-scenes dramatisation of Trump’s growing addiction, and mutates into a flamboyant flight of theatrical fantasy.

The digital short includes performances by Jonathan Broadbent, a Royal Shakespeare Company regular and winner of the 2016 Clarence Derwent Award, and also Justin Edwards, well known both for his film roles and work in comedy and television. Original music, by Max de Wardener, evokes Twitter’s energy, and the sound design also borrows from elements of social media.

Playing with mixed reality, avatars and virtual environments, “Hatched” uses virtual production techniques to meld form and content in a compelling prototype.

Walkthrough video – 2020

Intended audience

“Hatched” is intended to appeal to people who might think themselves resistant to conventional opera, but who have enjoyed the outrageous satire of ‘Jerry Springer: The Opera’. Or the documentary pathos of the National Theatre’s award-winning musical ‘London Road’. Or even the social media reflection of ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ and ‘The Assassination of Katie Hopkins’.

Borough and Satore are keen to tackle serious and contemporary themes, in an accessible, vivid and technologically-savvy way. In the process they hope to attract a new and younger demographic to innovative and timely forms of storytelling.

Creator’s statement

“Hatched” is a dark tragicomedy about power in our digital age. It is intended to work as a stand-alone piece of virtual docu-opera, but also as a calling card for a longer form piece, tracing the extraordinary relationship between Trump and Twitter.

Both this five minute taster and the wider project combine documentary insight with surreal fantasy. Much of the dialogue is journalistically underwritten and Trump’s tweets provide the lyrics for some of the music.

Technical summary

Actors and physical objects are combined in innovative ways with virtual production/ game engine technology. Scenes in the demo were created using LED screens using virtual environments and filmed plates, and within Unreal.

Project team details

  • Simon Finch – Filmmaker and Founder, Borough Productions
  • Tupac Martir – Founder and Creative Director, Satore Studio
  • Zillah Watson – Executive Producer
  • Max de Wardener – Composer and Music Producer

Team profile

“Hatched” is a co-production between Satore Studio and Borough Productions.

Satore Studio’s ethos is to push the boundaries of what’s possible and working at the cutting edge of tech to bring big visual ideas to life. With many years of experimentation in immersive media, they explore virtual production techniques using actors, models, motion-capture, virtual environments and LED screens.

Borough works on innovative, cross-genre projects. It has a track record in high profile, award-winning documentary and drama and specialises in telling serious stories in unusual and imaginative ways.

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