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A virtual reality love letter to the plant life of planet Earth. A full body interactive experience. Told through the most contemporary storytelling medium. Rooted in the most ancient connection to nature.

Tales of the Wild seeks to change the environmental conversation from one of fear and conflict to a story of love. A story that celebrates the resilience of the natural world, that emphasises human connection to it. Now more than ever, plants hold the key to human survival.

Tales of the Wild is a story told through interaction, movement and play. The audience will help bring the first plants that grew on the land to life, they will embody them as their roots grow down into the earth and up to the light.

This immersive project can be experienced as a 20-minute narrative, or as an open ended experience that provides a flowing meditation; reinforcing the emotional narrative of connection, resilience and growth with a sense of physical and mental wellbeing.

Walkthrough video – 2020

Intended audience

Primary audience:

  • At home users of VR (targeting owners of 6DoF standalone devices) and their friends and family
  • Active users of online and application based mindfulness, meditation and wellbeing experiences and XRcise
  • Audiences with a keen interest in environmental issues, nature and sustainability
  • Gaming/VR audiences seeking beautifully designed, deeply immersive game experiences

Secondary audience:

  • Schools, museums and institutions

Creator’s statement

The project started with the writing my mother did when I was a young child. She wrote about the beauty of the flora in our world and how finding and connecting with it gave her solace in life.

As I grew up I felt the same desire and through her writing discovered the healing power of nature. And so it is with Tales Of The Wild that I want to hand this gift to the world: the rediscovery of our one-ness with nature and the feelings of solace, healing and love that come with it.

Technical summary

The distribution target is Oculus Quest (or other standalone VR HMD for the home use market), via platform stores (Oculus, Viveport, Steam).

Project team details

  • Saschka Unseld – Creative Director
  • Katie Grayson – Producer
  • Luis Diaz Peralta – Prototype Game Designer
  • Victor Hernandez Molpeceres – Lead Developer

Team profile

Passion Pictures is an Academy Award winning film, documentary and animation company, now home to an Emmy nominated XR production department. Saschka Unseld is a Writer and Director whose pioneering XR work includes Henry and Dear Angelica. A Pixar Alum, he is the Co-Founder of Studio SOI and the Emmy award winning Oculus Story Studio.

Past work

  • 2020 – Critical Distance
  • 2019 – Doctor Who: The Runaway
  • 2019 – Greenpeace: The Future’s Not Yet Written
  • 2018 – Wolves in the Wall
  • 2017 – Dear Angelica
  • 2017 – Through You
  • 2015 – Henry