When her best friend disappears, a misfit employee sets out to find and rescue him from a cut-throat corporation who will do anything to maintain their commercial edge.

#CorpTopia is an AR multiplayer immersive theatre video game set in a parallel world of biologically mixed human-animal species. The viewer is one of a band of friends trying to navigate the corporate hierarchy. By working together, audiences master unique abilities to bust out killer beats and basslines to conquer their foes. Charlie, a shy Pangoluman, a pangolin-human hybrid. Benny, a charming Humodile. Dave, a monocultural Alpha Rooster with anger management issues. These are just a few of the characters participants will meet in #CorpTopia.

Walkthrough video – 2020

Intended audience

This immersive experience is best suited to audiences with an interest in immersive theatre. #CorpTopia format utilises the newly mainstream paradigm of video conference-calling to attract audiences who are interested in a personalised experience, but may find traditional video games intimidating.

Creator’s statement

#CorpTopia is inspired by the issue of marginalisation that can occur in a competitive corporate culture. This experience draws parallels with the human role in overpromoting monocultures in the animal kingdom for efficient human consumption, at the expense of endangered species.

Participants will work together, making music and solving puzzles across a number of levels. Successfully collaborating together will help the participants to overcome their foes in the institutional world of #CorpTopia.

Technical summary

#CorpTopia is experienced as a Zoom-like live video-call, potentially distributed via the Epic Games Store or Steam. Alternatively the team could work with video platforms themselves to create immersive theatre content. Participants use facial expressions and gestures to activate AR layers, over synced video backgrounds. Actors utilise game engine capabilities to animate digital characters via live motion capture.

Project team details

  • Kim-Leigh Pontin – Creative Director and Project Lead
  • Marek Bereza – Technical Director
  • BearFace – Musical Director
  • Dan Chambers – Lead Animator
  • Antonin DeRory – 3D Artist
  • Niko Rossi – Rigger
  • George Verghis – Actor
  • Nadine Wild-Palmer – Actor
  • Alice Offley – Participant
  • Rebecca James – Set Designer

Team profile

Kim-Leigh Pontin with a background in XR, emerging technology, and interactive storytelling, specialises in creating interactive narrative for emerging tech. She brings ideas of embodied interaction and speculative design to the worlds of television production, immersive theatre and product design thinking.

Marek Bereza is an interaction designer and computer scientist from London, specialising in real-time audio and visuals, having worked at Apple in Cupertino as well as interactive installations and performances. BearFace is known for his live sequencerbased musical performances.

Kim-Leigh and Bearface are two halves of musical duo Trashcan Disco.

Past work

  • 2019 – Pontin: BritanniaVR
  • 2018 – A Discovery of Witches VR
  • 2017 – Rebel Queen
  • 2016 – Human Imagination Task Force