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An immersive story following Maya, an ordinary 21st century girl, as she transforms into a uniquely female superhero whose powers derive from the process of menstruation.

This immersive experience journeys through Maya’s blood lines using those facets of the female sexuality that have so often been used as a pretext for subjugation, and turns them into a source of power. Her name, Maya, means magic and illusion in Sanskrit.

Created in Quill, Maya’s magic crosses boundaries and breaks taboos. The audience follow Maya from her transformation into a superhero in rural India to contemporary London where she forms a bond with a first generation South Asian teenager. Together, they engage in a series of thrilling adventures, revealing the hidden modes of patriarchy and misogyny that exist in contemporary Britain.

Walkthrough video – 2020

Intended audience

The primary target audience will be young adolescents aged 13+ years old, just at the time when menstruation is occurring and cultural codes begin to assert themselves on the lives of girls.

Maya, a radical and feminist recasting of the Batman trope – an outsider, who breaks the rules and subverts traditions to do what is right – has been designed to appeal to this demographic.

Creator’s statement

Blood Speaks: Maya – The Birth of a Superhero is a magical and inspiring experience that brings taboo subjects into the mainstream. This project is directly inspired by the stories of real women in Nepal who are forced into exile because their menstrual blood is considered impure. The first phase of this project has seen massive impact and helped activate policy change in Nepal.

With a little brown girl magic, we are looking to forge new audiences through this female-led narrative that features voices that reconfigure audience perceptions of BAME characters and, through their interaction with Maya, we want to inspire our audience to find the magic within themselves.Technical summary

Project team details

  • Poulomi Basu – Project Creator, Co-Director, Co-Writer
  • CJ Clarke – Co-Writer, Co-Director, Producer
  • Alap Parikh – Developer
  • Rosie Summers – 3D Animator and VR Tilt Brush Artist
  • Rianna Dearden – UX Designer

Team profile

Working at the intersection of art and activism, Just Another Production Company was founded by award winning artists Poulomi Basu and CJ Clarke to investigate and develop new modes of storytelling. Believing in the power of mass communication, the team seeks to look for new possibilities reflective of new digital forms without emulating the monolithic forms of the past.

Past work

  • 2017 – Blood Speaks: A Ritual of Exile
  • 2016 – Tula’s Story
  • 2016 – Lakshmi’s Story
  • 2016 – Sarawati’s Story