HAN Systems

Based on the global phenomenon of K-Pop, SONG is an immersive 360 performance existing in both physical and virtual space.

Built in virtual reality, SONG is a multifaceted narrative that unfolds across 12 levels. The prototype provides a snapshot into this larger virtual world, which eventually will be projected in a spherical 360 installation and broadcast simultaneously as a livestream.

Walkthrough video – 2020

Intended audience

This immersive performance is designed for:

  • Young K-pop fans aged 16 to 25 years old who are digital natives and pay to see large scale live music events
  • Music and art audiences aged 18 to 50 years old who typically attend events at Wireless Festival or Tate Modern
  • Fans of the recent wave of Korean culture who would attend the London Korean Film Festival

Creator’s statement

SONG is a live digital spectacle inside a ‘planetarium’ installation, using pioneering technology to create simultaneous live streams in both VR and 2D. It emerged out of a deep commitment to the future of the performing arts, driven by the energy of pop music as military technology. Every person we have shown the prototype to so far expresses its singularity; that it is like nothing they have experienced.

We have successfully integrated virtual reality, live event creation and hallucinatory aesthetics to explode K-pop into a supernova of political euphoria. Due to its hybrid nature, it is versatile and anti-fragile – designed to grow stronger no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in. SONG is about more than K-pop. We are making it to generate a future of the performing arts, to create something inspiring and transcendent, to shine a light for those who are searching for the way.

Technical summary

SONG is built as a 360 live-rendered stream directly from Unreal Engine, running from a cloud server instance. The stream can be viewed on YouTube across VR, TV, desktop and mobile. The live show will require a set-up of multiple seamless projectors, live motion tracking, PA system, lighting rigs, and custom DJ/VJ interface controllers. The content in Unreal Engine will be performed like a live playable game.

Project team details

  • Sammy Lee – Artist
  • M.J. Harding – Sonic Dramaturg
  • Cream Projects – Virtual Game Engine Production
  • Off World Live – 360 Live Stream Delivery

Team profile

HAN Systems brings decades of professional experience across several fields, including digital art, music, theatre, architecture, history and anthropology. The team builds virtual worlds and intense live shows aiming to develop a new genre of performing art that embraces a shifting media landscape. Their ethos is to combine careful management systems with a commitment to the unknown.

Past work

  • 2020 – Aviary
  • 2020 – Rushes
  • 2019 – Showgirl
  • 2018 – Other Worlds
  • 2018 – Light Pollination
  • 2018 – Fatherland
  • 2018 – Angels Alone
  • 2016 – LCO Curtain Call
  • 2016 – Removal Men
  • 2015-2016 – Datum Explorer
  • 2015 – Echo Wanders