Forest Tribe

New World is a highly sensory and inclusive experience, which immerses audiences deep into a lush rainforest to encounter an uncontacted Amazonian tribe.

This new immersive experience for neurodiverse children with complex needs will engage all of their senses: visual, auditory, smell, taste, touch and kinaesthetic. Children will feel the ripples of water; hear sounds of distant birds calling echoing through the forest canopy; feel the rumbles beneath their feet; smell the decay of the forest ancestors; and taste the fresh fruit of the forest.

By using 5G technology and haptic interactives, each audience member has a realtime remote connection with the Amazonian tribe. This can be achieved remotely and to multiple venues simultaneously.

Designed during the 2020 pandemic, it is also a COVID-19 secure way for non-verbal audiences with complex learning needs to experience immersive theatre. New World explores themes of environmental destruction and human compassion.

Walkthrough video – 2020

Intended audience

New World offers a new perspective in making immersive entertainment that will captivate both neurotypical and neurodiverse audiences. Currently audience ready, this immersive experience has also gained international interest.

The team’s expertise in inclusive theatre practice has enabled them to create a repertoire of immersive work encompassing all of the senses, including proprioceptive and vestibular. Forest Tribe strives to reach a diverse audience where accessing immersive theatre is challenging.

Creator’s statement

New World is a response to the current pandemic, reaching audiences that are unable to access arts and creativity. Making this work is vital in all situations where touch and human warmth are so greatly missed.

It will reveal how awe-inspiring our natural world is, how we are all connected and share a collective responsibility.

Technical summary

New World will stream via 5G to any location. A bandwidth for HD video from stage to audience, SD video from audience to stage, two-way data, from controls and sensors on stage to sensory feedback. 5G will reach many locations at a reduced latency.

Project team details

  • Debbie Bandara – Writer, Director, Producer and Evaluator
  • Stella Cecil – Maker and Costume Designer
  • Chris Ball – 5G and Haptics Technologist
  • Matt George – Haptics Technologist
  • Ben Challis – Spatial Sound Designer
  • Claudio Carta – Actor and Dancer
  • Mikhael Baque – Singer and Performer
  • William Lee – Marketing Designer
  • David Freedman – Set Designer
  • Nikki Hallam – Special Educational Needs Consultant
  • Agi Burley – Accessible Needs Consultant
  • Connor Gregory – Social Story Consultant
  • Richard Russell – Living Wall Designer
  • Richard Boyd – Real Tropical Plant Foliage Specialist
  • Keith Myers – 360 Virtual Videographer
  • James Copson – Filmmaker

Team profile

Inclusivity and diversity is at the heart of Forest Tribe’s work. The team carefully craft immersive work that truly harnesses all the senses to develop a holistic experience for all audiences. Forest Tribe is a diverse-led and carbon neutral company, where sustainability is integral to the creative process.

Past work

  • 2020 – WildHeart
  • 2019 – Heart Of Light
  • 2019 – Alluriat
  • 2018 – Stranden
  • 2018 – Splish Splash
  • 2017 – Hush-A-Bye
  • 2017 – Prince of Fire
  • 2017 – Kubla Khan
  • 2016 – In a Pickle