A communal at-home interactive performance, which combines AR, projection mapping and physical artefact: part theatre/rock concert, part computer/board game.

The Transportalists project is both a show (Beth’s Legacy) and a performance format (a Transportal).

Beth’s Legacy

Far from this dying galaxy, as humanity approaches its final breath, one abandoned teenager sits trapped in a broken satellite high above a mysterious planet that could hold the last chance of survival for humanity. To save her family and the human race, she will have to leave the only home that she has ever known and reach deep into the darkness for a salvation that could be just an illusion. But she can’t do it on her own.

Beth’s Legacy is an epic mixed reality narrative experience that will transport its audience way beyond their living room to the furthest reaches of the universe. Is it a trap? Is it paradise? Only the audience and Beth can decide – if they can survive long enough to make the call.

Walkthrough video – 2020

Intended audience

Beth’s Legacy aims to reach:

• Fans of science fiction films, novels and games

• Music lovers, particularly of electronic music

• Theatre-goers, especially immersive and interactive theatre

• Early adopters of creative technology projects

It is designed for an ‘experience economy’ audience while incorporating the realities of a post COVID-19/lockdown world. The Transportals experience is for partners looking to deliver content to audiences in the new post COVID-19 context, who can see the huge potential in this new multi-modal performance format.

Creator’s statement

We have developed both a powerful show (Beth’s Legacy) and an innovative new performance format (a Transportal). Our science-fiction narrative inspired the development of various audience interactions within the unique functionality of our format: other content would evolve this format further and we welcome partners interested in exploring this creative horizon.

This project responds at crucial issues affecting our sector, specifically the future of the arts in the ongoing lockdown and our dysfunctional relationship with creative technology.

Technical summary

Mixed reality experience: tower with mini projector, infrared camera, circuit board, stage, set blocks. Content: audio, projected visuals, AR character animations, game interactions via Unreal Engine. Distribution: mail/download.

Project team details

  • Fred Deakin – Producer, Creative Lead, Writer and Composer
  • Rob Armstrong – Creative Technologist
  • Katy Schutte – Writer and Dramaturge

Team profile

FANDCO creates innovative interactive art that brings joy and magic to its audiences. The award-winning cross disciplinary team integrates technology and art to develop profound audience engagements. Their work goes beyond screens to generate communal experiences through music, narrative, visual art and interaction design.

Past work

  • 2019 – The Lasters
  • 2018 – Thirteen Cycles
  • 2015 – Intravox
  • 2013 – Electricity Comes From Other Planets
  • 1998-2012 – Airside
  • 1998-2007 – Lemon Jelly