AФE invites the user to step into a surreal future world where time and space bend and boundaries between audiences and performers are blurred.


AΦE has gathered a stellar team from the fields of dance, architecture and AI to create a unique immersive performance: REBOOT. Designed as a triptych, REBOOT takes the audience on a journey from an interactive website to an installation on stage and a performance.

Following the story of Lilith, a cryogenically frozen child trapped in limbo and awaiting her future reawakening, REBOOT connects humans to machines. Controlled by AI, the set interacts with the performers and immerses audience members on stage through projections and inflatable structures.

Capturing human emotions, the AI technology turns the audience into performers who impact the narrative of the show through emotions they cannot control. Based on the true story of Matheryn Naovaratpong, the youngest human to be cryogenized, REBOOT questions human notions of life, death and the space in between.

Walkthrough video – 2020

Intended audience

Within Arts Council England’s audience insight framework, REBOOT is looking to reach:

• Young adults curious about the use of technology

• Adults familiar with dance and who are frequent theatre goers

• Family audiences (for part one)

• Technology specialists and enthusiasts

Creator’s statement

REBOOT started by questioning life and death and what is in between. After three years of research, we finally felt ready to create.

It is our first large scale stage performance and all the technology used in this production is tailored to REBOOT. In our previous works using VR and AR, we realised that screen technologies limited the feelings and sensations that we wanted to give to the audience.

With this immersive experience we want to “reboot” our audience’s senses using the context of a live performance. Although this production uses new technologies, our real focus is humanity

Technical summary

REBOOT relies on AI controlling the set (an inflatable structure), performers and immersed audience members through costumes and real-time projections.

Project team details

  • Aoi Nakamura – Artistic Director and Choreographer, AΦE
  • Esteban Lecoq – Artistic Director and Choreographer, AΦE
  • Hannes Nimpuno – Producer, Shaksfin
  • Ornella Salloum – Company Producer, AΦE
  • Paul Verschure – Lead AI Developer, SPECS
  • Pedro Omedas – Lead AI Developer, SPECS
  • Lara Jensen – Costume Designer
  • Ling Tang – Wearable Designer
  • Christoph Müller – Lead Set Designer, bAm
  • Bear Winter-Perreau – Real Time Artist
  • Niels Prayer – Motion Designer
  • Renaud Rohlinger – Web Developer
  • Tara Jade Samaya – Performer
  • Rob Hayden – Performer
  • Paul Vickers – Performer
  • BALLU by Dr. Dennis Hong – Performer

Team profile

AΦE team strengths relies on the association of multiple talents from around the world, who are all specialists in their fields. The team’s aim was to harmonise all the elements of the production using the story rather than the technology.

Past work

  • 2017 – Whist
  • 2018 – 0AR