Madrid Noir by No Ghost

Madrid Noir by No Ghost is an interactive animated adventure that transports audiences to the bustling streets of 1920’s Madrid.

Madrid Noir_No Ghost

Madrid Noir is a theatrical experience that tells the multi generational story of an unsolved crime, a family that struggles to stay together and a mystery that took a generation to be solved.

Lola, a girl in her early 20’s goes to clean up her uncle’s office after his passing. The audience accompanies her as she discovers a box of unsolved cases of which one stands out… Will the audience be able to solve the case 15 years after the trail has gone cold? Madrid Noir is an ambitious narrative, created to be consumed in bite-sized episodes.

This family friendly experience seamlessly transitions between narrative and interactive elements. It features directed, cinematic scenes punctuated by interactive sections during which the audience will need to use their keenest detective skills to advance the story and discover the mysteries of Lola’s uncle past.

Intended audience

Madrid Noir aims to become a truly universal VR experience that can be enjoyed by enthusiasts as well as newcomers.

Immersive fans will experience a hilarious and unforgettable adventure that challenges the genre assumptions, while casual fans can marvel at its beautifully executed animated narrative, film noir elements, slapstick comedy and unexpected
situations. Madrid Noir aspires to bridge generations of users that can share a beautiful experience together.

Creator’s statement

When we started developing this project we were largely concerned with the technical aspects of its production. Engines, timelines, budgets, limitations, all the important parts of creating something, but empty worries unless you have a compelling and engaging story to tell. As time passed and we reflected on the project, we realised that what captivated us and the viewers were the characters personalities and their stories, rather than the technical achievements we had made. We believe this take on the noir genre will captivate both experienced and new audiences with its ingenuity and heart.

Technical summary

Madrid Noir is built using Unreal Engine for the Oculus Quest. This platform will reach users who are both on the cutting edge of technology, and a wider audience looking for an accessible experience. As well as advancing cutting edge visuals for a mobile platform, Madrid Noir will also take advantage of the latest hand tracking capabilities of the hardware.

Team profile

James A. Castillo is a Director and Character Designer hailing from Madrid. His design has been central to major production companies including Paramount Pictures and Sony Animation. His unique style gives Madrid Noir its trademark brushstroke inspired look.

No Ghost is an immersive development studio based in London. It has been innovating in the VR industry since 2015, creating original interactive experiences with striking visuals, working with a range of clients such as MTV/Viacom and Activision Blizzard. With talent from feature film visual effects, No Ghost brings its technical expertise and passion for creative productions to Madrid Noir.

No Ghost have teamed up with Atlas V to deliver the two episodes of Madrid Noir. Atlas V has a wealth of production and distribution experience from a number of high profile VR projects including Gloomy Eyes and Battlescar.

Project team details

  • James A. Castillo – Writer and Director
  • Luke Gibbard – Executive Producer
  • Lawrence Bennett – Writer
  • Tom Flavelle – CG Supervisor
  • Jack Straw – Technical Director
  • Aziz Kocanaogullari – Animation Director
  • Carlos Rodriguez – Composer
  • GCVRS – Sound Design and Integration
  • Producers – Antoine Cayrol, Corentin Lambot, Arnaud Colinart, Craig Skerry, Dash Spiegelman

Past work

2019, “See,Saw,Seen”
2019, “Glimpse (Preview)”
2017, “Madrid Noir (Prologue)”
2016, “Choreographika”
2016, “Three Lights”
2015, “Super Turbo Atomic Ninja Rabbit VR”