Davy and Kristin McGuire

The Invited is a beautifully dark AR experience that reimagines the story of Dracula in a seance in which a pop-up book serves as a conduit for the vampire curse to re-enter our society.

The invited combines an exquisite fine art pop-up book with haunting augmented reality animations. Set in a dark secret location, a physical book and a tablet summon the audience through an unsettling shared experience. Each turn of page reveals a new exquisite pop-up set and new ghostly animations that seep from the page to transform the world outside into a wistful horror story.

Intended audience

The Invited will be a haunting and eerie experience bringing together a wide cultural cross section of people (+15) from cult horror aficionados, comic-con fans, cosplay devotees and goths, to gamers, tech lovers, and thrill seekers as well as fine art lovers, theatre goers and ‘high brow’ culture vultures.

Creator’s statement

We want to bring our expertise in digital projection mapping, fine art and theatrical storytelling into the field of Augmented Reality and use AR as a tool to conjure touching narratives, intense atmospheres and ‘dark magic’.
We believe that vampire myths are a great subject matter to do this with. The vampire is an eternal figure that lays dormant, returning to infect the world, take over society and bring chaos when the cultural and political situation is right. As a powerful but haunted and tragic archetype the vampire may hold a message for our time.

Technical summary

An experience for AR devices including a physical book with detailed papercraft pop-ups on each page. The application features 360 tracking of the book’s location and environment. Virtual effects and audio are overlaid in AR bringing the pages to life.

Project team details

  • Davy and Kristin McGuire – Concept, Design and Direction
  • Meggan Gumbrell – Creative Technologist
  • Ben Steiger-Levine – Writer
  • Spesh Maloney – Sound Designer and Composer
  • Karin Brown – Dramaturg
  • Audrey Pacart – Producing Partner

Team profile

‘Magical and exquisitely crafted, Davy and Kristin McGuire’s universe is full of visual wonders.’ The Guardian

Davy and Kristin McGuire are a multiaward winning artist duo, renowned for their idiosyncratic experiments in digital projection and storytelling. They work across the mediums of film, fine art, installation, theatre, immersive art, digital art and experience design.

Their productions have won an Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award, an Australian Helpmann Award and their large scale immersive visitor attraction – A Night at the Mansion was awarded Innovation of the Year in 2020 at the Museum and Heritage Awards.

  • Past work
    2019 – A Night at the Mansion
  • 2018 – Banquet of Hoshena
  • 2017 – Micropolis
  • 2015 – Precious Moments
  • 2014 – Theatre Book Macbeth
  • 2013 – Floating City
  • 2013 – The Paper Architect
  • 2012 – Alchimie de Courvoisier
  • 2009 – The Icebook